Alpine Extracts – Citraline – Diamonds (Qtr oz & Eighth Oz)

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Buy bulk and save! Quad diamonds at a fraction of the price, available only in 7 and 3.5 grams.

Cannabis diamonds are crystalline versions of isolated THCA. These bad boys are not only a treat for the soul, but they’re also SUPER potent, typically containing usually around 99% THC.


Alpine Extracts – Citraline – Diamonds

Citrus lovers will love this heavy Hybrid that reeks of fresh, sweet meyer lemons with a subtle minty sweet cream aftertaste. Lemon Citrine’s lineage is a cross between OZK and Clementine, hunted from a DNA Genetics seed pack. Lemon Citrine is great for an “all-day” smoker and has terpene profiles that are known to boost mood and energy and ease symptoms of tense muscles and stress.


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