Aftermath Extracts – Blue Magic Shatter


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Blue Magic

Magical sensations await you as you make use of the blue magic strain. This product isn’t all talk and no show, it really does benefit the user in many ways. This strain really does magic on your body and on your mind so that you can feel better in little or no time. This is a highly rated strain due to the effectiveness and the benefits that it provides to the people who make use of it. The Blue Magic strain helps relieves people of any and all kinds of stress that they may be suffering from. It also helps in relieving pain, anxiety and nausea. A lack of appetite may also be tackled by the extensive use of Blue Magic because it works as a stimulant of hunger and a healthy appetite. This aspect of Blue Magic can be extremely beneficial to people who suffer from anorexia. It can also aid people who have insomnia. Blue Magic is the one solution to all these problems!


Sold in 1 gram packages.


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