4 Layer Herb Grinder – Random Colour


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This discrete plastic won’t be easily recognized by anyone who happens to rudely go through your things. This grinder has an internal screen and a kiefcatcher so you can organize and use all your herb to your liking, plus the jar style makes this double as a storage container.

– DISCRETE DESIGN – Looks just like a real film canister!

– EASY TO CLEAN – Smooth Plastic

–  STORAGE – Keeps Herbs Fresh

– LIGHTWEIGHT – Only 2.4oz

–  4-PART GRINDER – Jar w/ Internal Screen, Kiefcatcher, Grinding Chamber, Lid

If you’re looking for an affordable and cool looking 4-piece grinder, the Film Canister Plastic Grinder is your best bet. The plastic material makes this grinder very easy to clean, and its canister shape means that it can hold quite a bit of herb while still fitting easily into your pocket, backpack, or purse.


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