Before Edmonton Police took down the website in the early months of 2020, Mota cannabis was one of the biggest online marijuana retailers.

Mota Cannabis Products vs. The Chrono

Despite offering a large selection of marijuana products, Mota Cannabis is primarily known for its assortment of delicious cannabis products. In addition to jelly, THC gummies, shatter bars, cannabis chocolate bars, phoenix tears, THC spray, cannabis lollipops, tinctures, THC vape cartridges, cotton candy, CBD spray, marijuana brownies, and fruit laced with THC, Mota would sell a wide variety of consumables.

The company is renowned for supplying fantastic concentrates as well as a huge selection of cannabis herbs. Cannabis concentrates, including honey and phoenix tears, honey oil, kief moon rocks, bubble hash, shatter, THC cartridges, live resin, Moroccan resin hash, CBD isolate, and budder crumble and distillate, are some of the most well-liked cannabis products offered by Mota Cannabis