Distillate Direct .ca

Distillate Direct .ca was one of the largest online weed stores until Edmonton Police took the website down in early 2020.

Distillate Direct Vs The Chrono

In 2019, a number of consumers complained online about their experiences with “Pine Tar” concentrates and resin, which are typically low-cost products sourced from questionable locations such as China. When used in a dab rig, these concentrates release a milky residue on the user’s lips and there were concerns about potential negative effects on the lungs with prolonged use, but these concerns were not scientifically proven yet. If you have used these types of cheap concentrates, such as dabs, shatter, or BHO, and noticed a smell of black licorice or Pine-Sol, or strange residue on your lips, it is recommended to stop using these products and instead opt for higher-quality concentrates from The Chrono Canada.